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Top Elie Bleu Certified Retailer

Top Elie Bleu Certified Retailer

Tobacconist of Greenwich is a proud top U.S. certified retailer of the Elie Bleu cigar accessories including humidors, lighters, cutters, cases, and more. We keep our online and in-store product up-to-date with the latest product offerings.

All Elie Bleu products come with a manufacturers warranty.

How can I contact the after-sales department?
Please contact our service center (Reyns International) at 800-319-8874 ext. 6

Manufacturer’s warranty
Elie Bleu’s lighters, cigar cutters, humidors, watch winders and jewelry boxes are guaranteed for two years from the date of purchase to be free of manufacturing defects and deficiencies, subject to normal usage conditions and adherence to the instructions for use recommended by Elie Bleu.

In the event that the product needs to be repaired during this warranty period, the repair will be handled by Elie Bleu (parts and labor), providing that:

The product has not been subjected to shock, immersion, etc. This includes product being dropped. This is considered shock.
The problem has not been caused by inappropriate handling or failure to maintain the product (e.g., clogging or damage to finish due to heat, excessive moisture or intense lighting – wood nor lighters respond well to these conditions.
The product has not been modified in any way from its original condition.
The product has not been repaired in any way by any after-sales service center other than Elie Bleu.

Learn more about Elie Bleu after care here: https://www.eliebleu-usa.com/after-sales-support.html


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