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Atabey Brujos


52 x 5” ( 20.64 mm x 124 mm )

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The Atabey Brujos cigars are produced in limited quantities by the “Selected Tobacco” factory in Costa Rica. The leaves of these cigars have many origins, they are from caribbean and central america countries.

These luxury cigars only can be bought it in few stores around the world which are certified by the manufacturer. The selling of Atabey cigars began in 2011 in selected specialized stores of California, United States. By February 2012 the amount of stores was 20 spreaded across the United States.

You can find these stores in our Distributors section. Any Atabey cigar sold outside this authorized stores, is not genuine.

During 2012 we are selling the very exclusive luxury porcelain jars of 25 cigars, also the gift pack of five cigars provided with the Humitube R technology. The range of prices of Atabey cigars is from 50 USD to 100 USD, according to the size a kind of presentation, thus a packaging of 25 cigars can cost around 1000 USD.

The brand ATABEY belongs to “Compañía Mercantil San Antonio S.A.” from Costa Rica and it is distributed in the United States under supervision of Selected Tobacco S.A.

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