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Fuente Opus22 2008


FULL DISCLOSURE * Read before purchasing *
This is a collectors item. This collection is single owner and have been stored in a home humidor since they were originally purchased. We have inspected the contents and have taken photos to best depict the condition of the boxes and cigars. We do not guarantee any quality control of these products. This is a non refundable sale. If you have any questions, please call before you purchase. We DO guarantee product authenticity.


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The 2008 release of Fuente Opus22 originally released 350 in November 2008 and 150 in May 2009.

This box includes 22 Rare Vintage Fuente Fuente OpusX cigars:

FFOX Rising X (1)
FFOX SerieX X Square (1)
FFOX BBMF Maduro (1)
FFOX Shark (2)
FFOX Scorpio (1)
FFOX Chili Pepper (2)
FFOX Forbidden X Lancero (2)
FFOX El Escorpion (1)
FFOX El Escorpion Maduro (1)
FFOX Love Story (1)
FFOX Princessa D (1)
FFOX Tauros The Bull (1)
FFOX Reserva d’Chateau (2)
FFOX Perfecxion X (2)
FFOX Perfecxion No. 2 (1)

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