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S.T. Dupont Atelier Red


  • Available in Rollerball & Fountain.
  • Individually hand assembled and tested.
  • Pen body crafted from solid brass.
  • Streamlined and elegant profile.
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The ATELIER was created in 1953 at S.T. Dupont’s manufacturing site at Faverges. Used exclusively for creating special orders and exceptional objects, this workshop was the place where all of S.T. Dupont’s manufacturing secrets were kept.

The S.T. Dupont Atelier collection is made up of Line D writing instruments with unmatchable shine and depth Chinese lacquer. A shimmering patina effect in different colors gives them a delightful retro look. A lacquer leaf is subtly engraved to authenticate the genuine Chinese lacquer, just as it was on the original object. Master lacquerers embody the essence of S.T. Dupont’s unique know-how, transforming the sap of a precious tree into the lustrous and deeply colored product that is Chinese lacquer. Chinese lacquer is applied by hand in up to six layers, and can also be applied with a sponge, using an age-old technique which produces a cloudy effect and different shades of color.

With the beauty of their lines, the precious nature of their materials, the accuracy instilled by their weight, and the suppleness of their handling – more than ever before, these are exceptional objects destined to give pleasure to their users.

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Pen style Atelier

Rollerball, Fountain Pen, Medium

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