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S.T. Dupont Ligne 2 Atelier Blue


  • Double flame cigar burner; ensuring the perfect light
  • Solid brass base provides ultimate resistance and security to it’s customers
  • Made with only the finest materials: silver, palladium, pink and yellow gold, Chinese lacquer
  • Classic “PING” – each lighter is tested by the discerning ear of a demanding craftsman appointed to perform this task
  • Hand assembled and polished by S.T.Dupont Master craftsman
  • 260 cigar ignitions per tank


The ST Dupont ATELIER was created in 1953 in our manufacture in Faverges; real place of creation of special orders or exceptional objects for exceptional people. It has all the secrets of manufacturing of our precious lighters an  illustrates perfectly the art of goldsmith and lacquer of the brand.

For “collection ST Dupont ATELIER”, the former S.T. DUPONT’ script is slightly engraved on the banner at the front of the lighter. The date 1953 and the symbol of the winged wheel are finely engraved on the product and evoke the date of creation of the ATELIER and the brand unique know-how in goldsmith. Ancient know how, noble materials and perfect finishes make the ST Dupont lighter, a cult object, passed down from generation to generation.

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