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S.T. Dupont Slim 7 Lighter – Brushed Chrome


Leading the way in revolutionary design, S.T.Dupont has created the world’s slimmest luxury lighter. The new Slim 7 lighter weighs in at 1.6 ounces and measures a record-breaking 7mm (.27”) thin. But don’t let its slender looks fool you, the side-mounted igniter delivers a wind-resistant jet flame that’s powerful enough to light up whatever you need it to, wherever you are.

Gas Refill

S.T. Dupont Black Gas Refill

72 mL



  • Unidirectional, powerful & wind resistant flame can be used inside or out
  •  Solid brass base
  •  Single thumb push action
  • Built-In flame adjuster and fuel-level window
  • Unidirectional, powerful & wind resistant torch flame can be used inside or out
  • Available in 10 finishes

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