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Davidoff royal release cigars

Davdioff Royal Release Salomones

Discover the crown jewel of Davidoff Cigars

Davidoff Royal Release Salomones 10 Years in the making, made with the finest tobaccos, and hand rolled by the finest rollers. The Aromatica Dominicana wrapper has been chosen especially for its extraordinary beauty and shine. A wrapper specially reserved for the Royal Release line only, and won’t appear on any other Davidoff Cigar.

Davidoff Signature


Signature is largely composed of volado tobaccos, which give the blend its smooth flavours and mild intensity. Davidoff‘s Master Blenders rebalanced the blend for each of the iconic formats, making Signature accessible for novices and enjoyable for those in the mood for a smooth and sophisticated cigar.

It takes 10 years of experience to roll a Davidoff cigar.

Davidoff aniversario no. 1 limited edition 2023

Aniversario No.1 Limited Edition


In a gallery of the great cigars, the Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 2023 Limited Edition cigar would surely have its place. Davidoff has brought back this singularly smooth cigar for a limited period to be enjoyed again by both those who know its rare qualities and those who have yet to have the pleasure.

Davidoff Aniversario


Aniversario is the ideal cigar for celebrations, as it launched on Zino Davidoff’s 80th birthday in 1986. The line includes a number of special shapes, such as the figurados Special «T» and Short Perfecto. Special «T» has a proprietary and patented vitola shape that delivers unique taste experiences depending on the cut.

Blended with mostly visus tobaccos, the Aniversario blend is the perfect mediumintense cigar to fill special
times beautifully.

Only 10% of seeds make it through Davidoff’s strict quality control.

Davidoff grand cru white label

Davidoff Grand Cru


In 1946, Zino Davidoff established a winecigar analogy, drawing parallels from the creation of wine to that of cigars. This inspired the creation of a whole line.

Grand Cru is a blend of three fillers, just like a heritage Bordeaux wine is a blend of at least three different types of grapes. The Davidoff Master Blenders used mainly seco leaves for Grand Cru to create depth of character and a layered, aromatic taste journey. The line offers a range of various formats and ring gauges
that provide ideal taste experiences for novices and for those looking for a cultivated taste experience.

Every Davidoff cigar passes through 300 hands before it is enjoyed.

Davidoff Millennium Lancero 2023 limited edition cigars

Millennium Lancero Limited Edition


The Davidoff Millennium Lancero is Davidoff’s second 2023 release of a series of three exclusive limited editions of the Davidoff White Band Collection. This Millennium blend, composed predominantly of ligero and visus tobaccos, is the most intense offering of the limited edition collection releases.

Davidoff millennium white label

Davidoff Millennium


The Davidoff Master Blenders relentlessly worked on the development of the seed that would grow into Millennium’s wrapper leaf. After 300 trials, they were satisfied with Hybrid 151, which now grows in special conditions in Ecuador.

The work paid off: The distinctive taste of the wrapper makes Millennium the complex, yet refined blend that it is. Predominantly composed of ligero and visus tobaccos, Millennium is the most intense offering of
the White Band Collection. It is ideal for aficionados who enjoy rich notes of oily tobaccos.