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Plasencia Cigars

Plasencia Cigars started in 1865. Don Eduardo Plasencia left the Canary Islands in search of success and opportunity and started growing tobacco in Vuelta Abajo, Cuba.

In 1965, the Plasencia family started from scratch again after moving out of Cuba, and Sixto Plasencia Pérez planted his best tobacco seeds in the fertile soils of Nicaragua, where the company resides today.

The Plasencia Cigar family successfully managed to grow organic tobacco and get it OCIA-certified. To this day, Placencia is still the only OCIA-certified tobacco company and they are growing tobacco for many large cigar brands around the world. They also produce cigars in Honduras for brands like Rocky Patel and some other popular cigar manufacturers.

The most popular cigar blends for Plasencia Cigars include the Alma Fuerte, Alma del Fuego and Alma del Campo.

Nestor Plasencia makes some of the best Nicaraguan cigars, many of them highly-rated by Cigar Aficionado.

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