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Why Buy From Us?

The Tobacconist of Greenwich has been in business since September of 1974.  We take pride in our knowledge of what we sell and we guarantee the quality control of all our products. Our cigars are kept at optimal humidity, 73%, and optimal temperature, 70 degrees.

 We were one of the first 10 Davidoff Appointed Merchants in America and have maintained a very close relationship with Davidoff (see below for a letter dated March 10, 1977 from Davidoff before they entered the US Market).  Zino Davidoff visited our store in 1989 and said, “this is one of the finest and luxurious stores I have ever been in.” The Tobacconist of Greenwich is steeped in history within the cigar industry, as we have grown with most of the companies we represent in our store.

 Our modo of “Where Elegance Meets Perfection” is embodied at our shop each and everyday. We are not a discount warehouse, we are a retailer that upholds the highest standards our customers demand, with those demands we give SERVICE, RESPECT, FRIENDSHIP, TRUST and QUALITY.

 The Tobacconist of Greenwich has been the #1 Davidoff retailer for a single location for 2 years in a row, 2012 & 2013.  We look forward to you giving us the opportunity to serve you.

 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1977 Letter From Davidoff of Geneva

This letter was written from Davidoff of Geneva to The Tobacconist of Greenwich before they entered the US Market. A response to a request from us to do business with them. A true piece of history!

Davidoff Golden Band Awards

2015 Appointed Merchant of the Year

2014 Best Performance Single Location

2013 Best Performance Single Location

2012 Best Performance Single Location