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Elie Bleu Medals Humidor – Blue Sycamore


120 Cigars





Humidity Control

Boveda 72% RH

Use 1 Size 60 Boveda for every 25 TOTAL cigars a humidor can hold.
Each lasts approximately 2 - 4 months.

72% RH is for:

  • Wood humidors, glass-topped humidors, drafty humidors and non-plastic travel humidors and cigar cases
  • Storing cigars with fragile wrappers, including Cameroon and Connecticut Shade wrappers
  • Up to 1 lb of aromatic pipe tobacco


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All humidors made by Elie Bleu are luxury products that simply have the best quality, durability, and intricacy of any humidor. Every box will become an heirloom that can be passed down for generations to use. The Classic Collection Humidors are timeless and rare veneers sourced from all over the world from the most remote places and brought to the Elie Bleu factory to carefully be shaped onto the cases that will preserve your treasured cigars.

Key Benefits

  • Sycamore
  • Authentic Spanish Cedar wood interior
  • Humidification System
  • Lock and Key
  • 1 Hygrometer
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Made in France

Size of the box:

120 Cigars: (30 x 24.5 x 11.2 cm) 11.81 x 9.65 x 4.41 inches

Tobacconist of Greenwich is an authorized retailer for Elie Bleu.

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