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Meerapfel Ernest Robusto


Format: robusto
Size: 4 7/8 x 50
25-Count Wooden Chests. Ashtray not included.


Meerapfel Ernest Robusto limited annual release of 613 chests of cigars globally. Once introduced, the rare cigars will reoccur annually in the same limited quantity. Like the Richard and Meir lines, the company is not disclosing the blend of the Ernest line.

“The Meerapfel Ernest Master Blend is filled with aspirational sensations, layers of curiosity, and an awe-inspiring complexity, exemplifying the unique explorations of those who leave behind the assumed safety and comfort, to conquer only the finest – the intricacy of UberLuxury.”

Jeremiah Meerapfel – Chairman of M. Meerapfel & Söhne Belgium S.A.

Shop the latest release of the Meerapfel Cigar luxury collection from the renowned tobacco family.

Buy Meerapfel Cigars online like a box of the new Cameroon blend of Meerapfel Ernest Robusto. Experience the Meerapfel Meir and Meerapfel Richard, the first limited edition releases from the Meerapfel family from Germany.
These premium cigars feature the best Cameroon tobacco, find out what makes this cigar factory so unique. They create only 613 boxes of each rare cigar per year.
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These cigars are made by the Arturo Fuente Cigar Family in the Dominican Republic.

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