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Year of the Rooster


Length: 6 3/4 in
Ring: 50
Strength: Medium

Wrapper: Habano Ecuador Seed

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Who better to herald in the dawn of a New Year than the Rooster? From sunrise to sunset, the Rooster likes to be the center of everyone’s circle. They charm. They amuse. With a fine Davidoff cigar and an anecdote always at hand, they are comfortable holding court. They are indeed popular.
Always beautifully turned out, their plumage sets them apart. However, behind their beauty is loyalty and fidelity. A Rooster is dutiful and devoted, a friend for life. They keep their promises and their appointments. You can trust the Rooster to be there for you and to be there on time.
Probably with a gift such as this elegant limited edition box inspired by the vivid color of the Rooster’s eye-catching appearance. For a Rooster would catch the moon just to make those they love happy. They like people to feel special. As special as they feel. After all, the world cannot wake until it hears the Rooster’s call.

• Majestic Special Diademas Finas format that reflects the fine and elegant craftsmanship of Davidoff

• Exquisite red and dark brown lacquered wooden box representing the shape of the proud rooster’s plumage

• Cigars are uniquely presented in pairs of two, placed beautifully in five compartments of cedar wood

• The cigar boasts balance and delicious flavors of hazelnut, nougat, and a well-pronounced creaminess with a shiny, oily, dark brown wrapper

Note: Some cigars may come unbanded

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Bundle of 10, Single

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