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Davidoff Air De Famille Smoked Oak Ambassador Humidor


Capacity: 70-80 Cigars
Dimensions: 15.1″ x 9.4″ x 5.6″

*Cigars not included


Boveda 72% RH

Use 1 Size 60 Boveda for every 25 TOTAL cigars a humidor can hold.
Each lasts approximately 2 - 4 months.

72% RH is for:

  • Wood humidors, glass-topped humidors, drafty humidors and non-plastic travel humidors and cigar cases
  • Storing cigars with fragile wrappers, including Cameroon and Connecticut Shade wrappers
  • Up to 1 lb of aromatic pipe tobacco


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Davidoff’s prestigious handmade Air De Famille Smoked Oak Ambassador Humidors are of the highest quality with a lifetime structural warranty. Our humidors are considered the most luxurious way to store cigars in perfect condition and style. The Davidoff Air de Famille line is our traditional style offer for aficionados and is well-received by consumers worldwide since their launch in 2016.

After five years, it was time to redesign the line in order to better respond to today’s consumer needs and trends. Davidoff refreshed the line with new origin certified woods, new outside finishes and a perfect inside and outside color match.

One of the most common trees in European forests, the oak has long been associated with the mythological gods due to its immense size, strength and longevity. For most oaks, the grain is straight with broad rays that produce a lively flake effect or a straight combed grain, depending on the wood’s cut. To get this very special and beautiful dark colour, the oak wood goes through a fumigation process. The satin matte finish preserves the wood’s authenticity and makes the humidor a classy interior item.

The inside of the smoked oak humidors is crafted from walnut, a noble quality wood characterized by its excellent processing qualities. Walnut is a hard and dimensionally stable wood. Thanks to its hardness, it is very durable and wear-resistant.

In order to protect it from absorbing humidity, the walnut is lightly hand-varnished, but is still able to act as a humidity reservoir once the humidor is activated.

• Inside and outside colour matching
• Satin finish with natural, elegant and timeless look and feel
• Lifetime structure guarantee
• Removable tray and dividers to easily sort and arrange cigars
• Equipped with Davidoff Slim Regulator guaranteeing stable humidification between 70%-72% relative humidity

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