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Tobacconist of Greenwich
Davidoff Golden Band Awards

The Davidoff Golden Band Awards honor those Appointed Merchants that truly embody the Davidoff standard of excellence. The Golden Band Awards materialized from the brand’s success, rooted in decades of long-standing partnerships with trusted merchants. Davidoff has a long history of working with its family of retailers to help them expand their businesses, discuss best practices and grow the Davidoff brand, hand in hand. The awards are an opportunity to officially recognize these retailers for their commitment and passion for Davidoff.

As a leading Davidoff Appointed Merchant, Tobacconist of Greenwich has been recognized not only as a nominee, but as a winner every year since the Golden Band Awards Conception.

The Tobacconist of Greenwich has been awarded the Davidoff Golden Band Award 5 times; 2021, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2021. We have consistently been the number one Davidoff Appointed Merchant Single Store Location in the United States, and won the coveted Appointed Merchant of the Year in 2015.

Davidoff Golden Band Awards

Tobacconist of Greenwich

2021 Best Performance Single Location

2015 Appointed Merchant of the Year

2014 Best Performance Single Location

2013 Best Performance Single Location

2012 Best Performance Single Location

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As a winner of the 2021 Golden Band Awards we are an authorized dealer of the coveted Davidoff GBA cigar.