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Stefano Ricci Cigar Accessories

Stefano Ricci is a family-owned Italian luxury brand making the world’s finest suits. Now complimenting their Italian menswear with cigar accessories 100% made in Italy. The brand is steeped in excellence and perfection with a deep family rooted heritage.

The collection of cigar accessories is created by the famed Italian designer. Ricci brings the same level of craftsmanship and expertise to his luxury cigar accessories collection.

Featuring handcrafted styles of a luxury cigar:
  • Travel humidor with Opus X cigars
  • Desktop humidor with Opus X cigars
  • Leather cigar case
  • Silver cigar tubes

The collection is everything you would expect and reflects why his amazing mens clothing and accessories are so expensive.

The Arturo Fuente collaboration cigars are now available to buy in international markets. Shop online for the luxury mens accessories and Fuente Fuente Opus X for Stefano Ricci cigars. Also visit Stefano Ricci New York where you can see this rare cigar collection on display.

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