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God of Fire Carlito Double Robusto Tubos


Length: 5 3/4 in
Ring: 52
Strength: Medium
Wrapper: Camaroon

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God of Fire Carlito Double Robusto Tubos cigars are an ultra-rare, ultra-exclusive blend from Tabacalera Arturo Fuente. First released in 2004, these full-bodied cigars are unquestionably some of the finest cigars available. Patriarch Carlos Fuente and son Carlito are each responsible for the two different blends of Dominican longfillers and binders, wrapped in Ecuadorian and Cameroon, respectively. Each cigar has a band indicating the blender and year of production. These cigars are an absolute must!

God of Fire by Carlito Indisputably the boldest of all the God of Fire cigars, God of Fire by Carlito has a potent, peppery tang that will tantalize sophisticated palates. Despite the medium-to-heavy balance, God of Fire by Carlito is a complex cigar with a rich mix of subtle flavors and a slight sweetness to balance the peppery notes.

Connoisseur’s Rating: 91/100

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